SUNDAY  07/08/2022
22:30 (UTC) [K8]

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The series centers on the relationship between an overbearing mother her son and his wife.

Today: Episode 9 «Mother, I'm going overseas» & Episode 10 «Who is right, after all?»

Episode 9 «Mother, I'm going overseas»
Efthymis has reached his limits at the kindergarten where he works. The schoolyard pavilion is ramshackle and the children are in danger. Problems are piling up. It seems to be pointless, however, to reason with he headmaster. Various thoughts enter Efthymis’ mind... He wonders how that old friend of his, Stratos, who left for Brazil in search of a better life, was doing. Would he also have a stroke of good fortune if he went abroad? He is seriously considering these possibilities. But Aristea isn’t; she can't imagine her life away from her sonny boy. Certainly not so far away! She begins to make plans in secret with Fouli and Despoina on how to sabotage the... Efthymis' great exodus and keep him here! Will they succeed?

Episode 10 «Who is right, after all?»
A malfunction in Despoina's water heater brings Efthymis’ secret life back to the center of attention when the electrician recognizes him from a dating app! Fouli feels vindicated because, at last, it turns out that her gut feelings were right, while Despoina insists that the photo in the app belongs to someone else, who just looks like her nephew. The two of them try to discover the truth behind Aristea's back, just to prove to each other that they are right. Therefore, they try to bring Efthymis and the electrician closer at any price in order to observe their reactions, even if they have to use dubious means to succeed. Life, however, has a different plan...

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Live Streaming
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