SATURDAY  06/08/2022
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Today: Episode 16 «Babel», Episode 17 «It's No Secret» & Episode 18 «Kill Two Birds with One Stone» (Season2)

Episode 16 «Babel»
It is June of 1975, and the Greek Parliament, in the context of reconstructing a new, democratic, Greek state, votes for the new Constitution. However, now more than ever, the house of the Antonopoulos family seems to descend into chaos, incoherence and tension between its members: a real Babel! In the midst of this chaos, Angelos decides to stage a Karagiozis performance, reflecting the situation. And while Nana, after what has happened with Dimitris, tries to avoid the commitment and grandma Ermioni sees that her relationship with Mr Nikos has progressed to another level, an unexpected visit during the Karagiozis performance exacerbates the chaos...

Episode 17 «It's No Secret»
Elpida barely appears in the film she has acted in with Alkis and gets furious, believing that her chance to become famous all over Greece is now ruined. While the somewhat... eccentric appearance of Mr Nikos' brother in the neighbourhood puts his prospect of marrying Ermioni at stake. At the same time, she wonders whether she should reveal to her daughters that she has said “yes” to Mr Nikos’ marriage proposal. Pelagia believes that she definitively has to say “yes”; after all, everyone knows what is going on: it’s no secret! However, at the same time, Nana decides to clear things up with Dimitris…

Episode 18 «Kill Two Birds with One Stone»
Ermioni's decision to marry Mr Nikos and Dimitris’ decision to say “yes” to Nana's respective marriage proposal have upset life in the small neighbourhood of Gkyzi. A few days before Angelos’ birthday, staying true to the traditions of Messinia, the Antonopoulos family organises a double wedding for Ermioni and Nana, because, as it is said, it is better to “kill two birds with one stone”! In the festive atmosphere of that summer of 1975, that has everyone in the beautiful neighbourhood of Gkyzi in a relaxed mood, a curve ball could upturn everything at the last moment...

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