SATURDAY  06/08/2022
15:00 (UTC) [K8]

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The travel documentary series, "Street Art" is preparing this year for even more exciting journeys, giving a liberating boost to the philosophy of Art that is created in the street and which belongs there. In the new episodes, Stathis Tsavalias, also known as, Insane51, one of the most famous and influential mural artists in the world, invites us to get to know his special art and to follow him to the most beautiful parts of Greece. Insane51 has stood out for its unique, photorealistic technique, which mixes the third dimension with street art, creating unique visual effects, which are revealed through the use of 3D glasses or special lighting. New murals are unveiled in the most urban areas of each city that "Street Art" will visit. The journey of Insane51 will become our journey throughout Greece with the camera recording, in addition to the places and people he gets to know, the creation of a unique mural from beginning to end.

Today: "Chania"
Episode 2

“STREET ART” continues its journey in Crete and, more specifically, in Chania. Stathis Tsavalias, aka Insane51, leaves his own mark with his spray paint on a wall at Venizelou Street in Chania. And all this is happening while Stathis is visiting the people of the town and the neighboring areas to discover first-hand unique stories of the place that will inspire him to complete his work. After hearing the stories of the Lighthouse in the old port, he will drive his motorcycle down to Kissamos, where he will meet the great traditional Cretan singer Antonis Martsakis. He will, also, see images from the future at the Technical University of Crete, he will wander around Stivanadika and he will enter the hall of the European Trophy in the popular museum of the National Football Team of Greece.
These short stories and many others lead him to unravel his own Ariadne's thread, a thread that he will bring to life with his unique 3D technique on the mural that will be revealed at the end of the episode. Tune in and follow “STREET ART” on this journey as well. It promises to lead every viewer out of the labyrinth of everyday life.

Direction: Alexandros Skouras
Production coordinator - Manager: Dionisis Zizilas
Editor-in-chief: Katina Zanni
Script: George Tsokanos
Direction of Photography: Mihalis Dimitriou
Sound Recording: Simos Manos Lazaridis
Editing: Alexandros Skouras
Art Direction: George Tsokanos
Graphics: Christos Ellinas

Host: Stathis Tsavalias

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Live Streaming
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