SATURDAY  06/08/2022
14:00 (UTC) [K]

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Today: "Anogeia, in the Shadow of Mount Ida"

Anogia differs! Even from the nearby villages in the area! Customs and traditions, the people’s way of living, its music and dialect etc.: all these make Anogia unique. Perhaps this is caused by the village’s difficult and bloody history. Perhaps this is caused by the village’s difficult and bloody history. The experience seems to be indelible and awe-inspiring just like Mount Ida. It has been ingrained on the minds and souls of the people of every generation in Anogia.

With Georgios Smpokos, a distinguished writer and folklorist, we took a journey through the difficult years. The revolution and the occupation. Stories from the three holocausts but also from the life derived each time from the ashes. Also the wife of the hero Manolis Spathouris, spoke with tears and an overflowing heart, revealing us that his love and memories remain unquenched - even after so many years. Outside a mitato (i.e. shelter) we created our own feast, we cooked, danced and said the mantinades along with Giagkos Chairetis.

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Live Streaming
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